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2014 FCE Schedule

Simple Things That Will Help
Equipment for First Campout
Guide to Troop Operations

First Meeting - Late March
Handy things to have: Notebook and advancement folder. Notebook is used to keep handouts and other program material. A 1" notebook works well. Plastic baseball trading card pages work well to keep all your advancement records together. Other handy things from this website are:
Meditations for the Trail
Song Book
Troop Meeting Notes
Campout Duty Roster

Two tools are used for new Scouts to meet everyone. The first is a game for them to go out to the main Troop and find people that are described in the captions. The second is used to interview two new Scouts that they did not know and then introduce one of them to the other new Scouts.
Getting to Know the Troop
Getting to Know Each Other

Parents should take a look at the Simple Things That Will Help and Equipment for First Campout. Be on the lookout also for the Summer Camp Commitment.

Scout Rank
The Troop Guide and Instructor review Scout rank material with Scouts and initial it off in the Scout Handbooks. Knot tying practice ropes are handed out and Scouts demonstrate the Square Knot and Bowliine. Plan for physical fitness is discussed.

TF Physical Fitness
Scouts meet at CLIS for testing and initial physical fitness planning. Scouts have a physical fitness log sheet in the notebook from the first meeting along with a series of stretches that they can use for warmup prior to exercising. Scouts are expected to exercise a total of three times per week and log it on the sheet. The TM can count for one of those times. Also in the notebook is a handout on using swimming as an aerobic training exercise. This was added due to the change in the Swimming MB requirements. Scouts are given a "homework" assignment to come back next week with a one-page plan for using swimming for aerobics.
Basic Stretches
Using Swimming for Aerobics

TF Physical Fitness - April

Scouts meet at CLIS and work through fitness program with Troop Guide and Instructor. When they return to CLCC they are shown how to prepare some simple breakfasts, dinners, and Trail Food. The Scouts will get a chance to eat the meals that are provided. There will be a discussion on Meal Planning.

Troop Outdoor Operations
Scouts will meet at CLCC to learn how to set up the Troop's tent, tarps, grub boxes, and how to use the trailer. They will also be taught about camp hygiene, ax yards, and camp fire protection. During lunch the "ten essentials" will be introduced to them. They will need these 10-Essentials for all outdoor events.
10 Essentials

TF Physical Fitness Testing & Campout Plan
Scouts will complete TF Reqt 10 and will finalize campout planning.

First Campout - Early May
Scouts will work on basic camping operations. They will work on: TF Reqts 1, 2, 3(Sat Dinner), 4a, 5, 9 and 2nd Reqts 2cdefg. The Scouts will have their Scoutmaster Conference for the Scout Rank and will be awarded their Scout rank that evening at the campfire. Scouts should review the Scout Handbook about these requirements.

Patrol Identity - May
There will be Patrol Meetings to review the campout and plan the patrol yell and flag.

Food Drive - May
Working with Pack 957, this is our annual Food Drive benefitting Interfaith Caring Ministries. The Troop will be split into several parts either working at stores getting donations or sorting food at Brookwood Elementary. At noon, the food is taken to the ICM Food Bank amd unloaded. Scouts recieve service hours credit for participating (2nd Reqt 4).

Swim Checks - May
All Scouts and Adults that participate in any water activities with the Troop must complete an annual swim check. This is done at the Brookwood Pool after normal pool hours and the pool is rented by the Troop. Reviews of Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, and reaching and throwing rescues are also performed. This check must be made up if missed or else the Scout will be classified as a non-swimmer and not be allowed to participate in water based activities. This will complete 2nd reqts 7bc and 1st reqts 9abcd.

First Aid Kits
Scouts will complete a standardized personal first aid kit for use when attending activities with the Troop. This kit is used in conjunction with an accessory pack for high adventure trips. In order to get credit for 2nd Reqt 6b, a Scout must bring the parts for the kit back in a suitable container.

First Aid Field Day - June
Scouts will review CPR in the morning and go over bandaging and splinting and transportation of the sick and injured in the afternoon. This is a hands on activity. Scouts missing the Troop's First Aid Field Day will need to complete CPR and First Aid training through either the American Red Cross or American Heart Association.

Court of Honor - Early June

Summer Camp Planning - Early June
Planning Activities for Summer Camp.

FCE Summer Camp - 3rd week in June (usually)

Post Camp Cleanup - Early July
Always need to make sure things are tidy following summer camp
Troop Elections - Late August / Early September
Continuing to work on orienteering. Scouts need to bring handouts from last week. Scouts should bring their First Class Cooking plans.

Court of Honor - Early September
Challenger Seven Orienteering Meet Committments due. Scouts should bring their First Class Cooking plans.

Orienteering - Fall
Final preparations for Orienteering Meet. Last day for Scouts to bring their First Class Cooking Plans for approval before the September Campout.

Challenger Seven Orienteering Meet - September

Troop Campout and FCE 5-mile Hike - September
First four Scouts will be doing their First Class Cooking at this campout. Hike will be on the Lone Stat hiking Trail and will begin immediately after breakfast on Saturday.

Christmas Wreath Fundraiser - Mid October

CLCC Harvest Festival - Late October

Children's carnival at CLear Lake Church of Christ and a chance for service hours.

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